Biennial Conference on Science and Technology (BICOST) Series

TWO categories of components designated 'Sector Specifics' and 'Functionals' (vide figure), will receive consideration.

The Sector specifics are those considered to be of crucial importance in survival viz: Food & Agriculture, Environment, Health and Trade & Industry.

The Functionals are some of the main subjects, which bear functional relationships with all of the sector specifics. These were identified as: Energy (and here we shall address alternate energy only), Communication, Waste Management, Transport, and Water Management.

The issue of Quality Management runs across both Sector Specifics as well as the Functionals. It is arguably the most significant S&T intervention in the building up of and the sustenance of infrastructure.

Presentations on the Sector specifics outlined the scenario within each sector - as the authors view them - and attempted to identify the S&T requirements in respect of the build-up of infrastructure. The presentations on the Functionals attempted primarily to examine the S&T requirements from a holistic viewpoint and indicate possible initiatives. There was also a presentation, which addressed the question of quality management.