Biennial Conference on Science and Technology (BICOST) Series

The 5th Sri Lanka Conference on Science and Technology (BICOST – V) was held at Hotel Topaz/Tourmaline, Kandy from 30th May to 01st June 2008. A formal inauguration was held on the evening of 29th May. Honorable Minister of Science and Technology, Prof. Tissa Vitarana was the chief guest of the occasion. Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman, Chairman/Federal Minister, Higher Education, Pakistan attended as a special guest to grace the occasion. About 100 participants attended this formal inauguration ceremony. Around 70 participants, both scientists and non-scientists, participated at the Conference started on 30th May. The 5th BICOST concentrated on formulating a National Science and Technology Policy for Sri Lanka. A draft national science and technology policy was presented and was discussed in detail at the Conference.

An open forum held at the end of the first day of the conference was a special activity incorporated at this BICOST. At this open forum, the participants voiced their opinions about science and technology in Sri Lanka in general and about the role of NASTEC specifically.

Other than the presentations on draft national S&T policy, the representatives of the Ministry of Power and Energy, Ministry of Industrial Development, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, and Department of Agriculture presented power and energy policy, industrial development policy, environment policy and agriculture development policy, respectively during the cause of the conference to make the participants aware of those policies while discussing the national S&T policy.

On the final day of the conference the group discussions were presented with the proposed amendments to the policy. These amendments/comments made by the participants will be considered in the preparation of the final policy document.