Biennial Conference on Science and Technology (BICOST) Series


The series of conferences that now come to be known as BICOST, results from the main activity of the National Science and Technology Commission (NASTEC) as mandated by the Science and Technology Act No 11 of 1994. This Act, which was responsible for the creation of NASTEC, was only implemented in 1998, and mandated NASTEC to inter alia, stage The Sri Lanka Conference on Science and Technology biennially ..."

It was NASTEC, guided by the scientific community, which designed and gave body to the conference, when it staged BICOST-I in August 2000, and formulated the Rules and Regulations of the BICOST as stipulated in the Act itself.
The theme of BICOST-I, was "Science and Technology in National Development". The BICOST series was launched, albeit with great expectations and hope, by the Minister of Science and Technology at the Presidential Secretariat, in August 2000.

BICOST-I was a significant success in that for the first time it brought together representatives of the entire National Science and Technology System (NTS), that is, all the actors, scientists, engineers, technologists, managers, administrators, entrepreneurs, bankers, etc. responsible for the science and technology effort of the country, in a common goal oriented exercise.

BICOST-I generated three major landmark documents: A Review Document on the Current Status of Scientific Activity in the major sectorial areas identified (BICOST-I Documentation Part I), the Recommendations of the Conference (BICOST-I Documentation Part II), and a document termed STAND i.e., Science and Technology Agenda for National Development (BICOST-I Documentation Part III), which was the Action Plan.